Saturday, January 29, 2022
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Join KWLA for its fall conference in September

The Kentucky World Language Association’s annual Fall Conference is set for Sept. 15-17 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at the Louisville Airport.

Japanese language association seeks to connect programs across Kentucky

The Kentucky Association of Japanese Language Teachers seeks to serve the interests and needs of all Japanese teachers in Kentucky at all levels of instruction.

Vive le Français!

Membership in the American Association of Teachers of French can be a critical component for the growth of any school’s French program.

Enhancing education via the global classroom

Studying world languages is fast becoming a necessity in this rapidly changing and interconnected world.

Solid ways to begin the global journey with tools for gathering...

Every journey starts with the first step, and when thinking about how to integrate global competencies into your school – building buy-in and support from your community, parents and teachers is critical.

Applications open for 2016 Rural Trust’s Global Teacher Fellowship

If you are a teacher in a rural area, apply now to support your professional and personal development in the field of global competency and world languages.

Change is good

Scott County High School Spanish teacher Marie Stevens thinks reaching outside of your comfort zone is sometimes a really good thing.

‘I was supposed to be an architecture major’

Fayette’s Laura Roché, the 2015 Kentucky World Language Association’s Outstanding Teacher, shares her love of French with her students and love of teaching with fellow educators.

Teaching students to think globally

In order to compete in the 21st century economy, Kentucky students must learn to think globally. Fourteen elementary and middle schools across the state will become models for implementing globally competency into schools’ curriculum.

Stopher students benefit from involved community

One of four public schools in Kentucky to receive the Blue Ribbon award in 2014, the Jefferson County school has consistently ranked among the top elementary schools in the state.