Thursday, September 21, 2017

How I discovered the real influence of teachers

Ashley Lamb-Sinclair, Kentucky's 2016 Teacher of the Year, shares what she learned about the influence of teachers during her year representing the Commonwealth.
Julia Durbin Bishop

Why inclusion matters

Lee County's Julia Bishop shares how her students with disabilities need to feel as though they belong to the larger school community.

How I became a student-centered science teacher

Boyd County's Carly Baldwin turned to an idea used by Google to get her students more involved in their own learning.

Sometimes you just have to eat the reindeer

Oldham County's Ashley Lamb-Sinclair shares what she has learned during her tenure as a Teacher in Residence at the Kentucky Department of Education.
Catherine Vannatter

Leading from the classroom: Teachers as researchers

Anthropologists seek to understand humankind by closely observing cultures and societies across the globe. Teachers do the same thing in their classroom.

Teacher leadership from the student’s perspective

Grant County's Shannon Brickler explains what students can learn when their teachers miss a few days in the classroom for professional learning opportunities.

Making the most of nature

Anji Davidson shares how the Expeditionary Learning Fellows helped her explore the learning potential of the great outdoors.
Holly Bloodworth

Learning while teaching

Holly Bloodworth shares how she learned what teachers discover by traveling abroad can impact what they do in their own classrooms.

As, Bs, Cs and Not Yets

Kentucky’s 2016 Elementary School Teacher of the Year Joshua DeWar asks what would happen if schools stopped handing out failing grades.

Are great teachers replaceable?

Shelby County’s Kari Patrick shares her thoughts on how everyone can help new teachers go from good to great.