Do you understand how you get immunity if you are sued by a student due to a disciplinary action?

Do you understand the latest rules regarding discipline of public school students? 

It is crucial for local school officials to stay abreast of current Kentucky and federal law and district policy in this area to have legal protection should a student challenge your actions. To that end, the Kentucky School Boards Association’s annual Student Discipline Conference has a strong lineup of topics and presenters to prepare school personnel for common – and uncommon – student disciplinary issues.

This year’s conference is Oct. 27 at the Clarion Hotel on Newtown Pike in Lexington. Registration is $200 per person.

Among the topics on this year’s program are student harassment and cyberbullying, an update on the new KSBA Student Discipline Desk Reference, special education and Section 504 issues, a crosswalk between state statutes and local board policy, and issues of school discipline and off-campus incidents. 

The list of speakers includes Teresa T. Combs, John Fogle and Janet Jeanes of KSBA and Jon Akers of the Kentucky Center for School Safety.

To register, click here. For more information, contact Jolene Shearer toll-free at (800) 372-2962.