The Arts Education Partnership is announcing the release of – the nation’s first online research and policy clearinghouse that documents the educational outcomes of arts learning for students and teachers.
ArtsEdSearch grew out of a need for high quality, centrally located and user-friendly information on the essential role the arts play in developing students’ creative thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration skills – attributes many education and business leaders identify as important in preparing young people for college and career success.
ArtsEdSearch’s easy-to-navigate design provides access to research summaries – written in everyday language – that examine the educational outcomes of arts learning and analyze the research for implications for education policy more broadly.
ArtsEdSearch has a unique focus on how education in the arts affects students’ cognitive, academic, personal, social and civic development. ArtsEdSearch also provides valuable information on how teaching strategies based in the arts influence educators’ instructional practice and engagement in the teaching profession.
Parents, school leaders, community members, and champions of arts education can use ArtsEdSearch to customize advocacy materials with the confidence that the information is backed by a significant body of high-quality research.