The National Conference of State Legislatures’ (NCSL’s) annual America’s Legislators Back to School Program for the school year 2012-13 will begin in September.

LRC staff will be contacting some schools to arrange visits to classrooms by members of the Kentucky General Assembly participating in this nationwide, nonpartisan event.

Detailed information about the program is available here. Like the last few years, the program will run throughout the school year. Generally, however, Kentucky legislators will visit schools from the September kickoff date through mid-November. Visits beyond that date can be arranged, but will be more difficult after the 2013 General Assembly convenes.

NCSL again will provide age-appropriate printed and video resource materials for students’ use during a legislator’s visit to your classroom. In addition, online resources and lesson plans are also available for teachers participating in the program.

For more information, contact Sheila Mason at the Legislative Research Commission at (502) 564-8100, or e-mail Rena Elswick.