The Norton Center for the Arts in Danville has a new lineup of student matinees.

Programs this season include a cross-section of dance, music and theatre to reach students of all ages in order to provide meaningful arts experiences for young audiences. Educators are encouraged to carefully read the center’s student matinee brochure.

The Norton Center provides a list of Kentucky state and national standards that can be applied to each performance or program. Curriculum Connections provide educator-developed lesson plans which will help to extend the learning into a classroom before and after each event.

Schools statewide attending spring Norton Center matinees may apply for a Kentucky Arts Council TranspARTation grant for a travel subsidy to defray the cost of buses and gas when attending Norton Center student matinees. Public schools in Garrard, Mercer, Lincoln and Boyle counties as well as Burgin and Danville independent schools may apply for deeply discounted or free Norton Center student matinee tickets via the Norton Center A.C.T.S. program. To learn more, go to