The 2013 Academically Proficient High School Junior and Senior Diversity Conference, sponsored by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, will be June 28-29 at Eastern Kentucky University.

The conference programs will:

  • inform and expose juniors and seniors of the various educational opportunities available at colleges throughout the state
  • provide information to assist juniors and seniors to make the adjustments necessary for a successful college experience
  • provide information to assist students to become effective leaders in school and in their communities after graduation
  • provide information regarding scholarships, grants, internships and financial aid programs available through the KHEAA and institutions
  • provide a forum for Kentucky colleges and universities to present information to many of the brightest college-bound students, in a single location, for purposes of acquainting the students with the academic programs and scholarship opportunities available on their campuses.

The conference was originally designed to give Kentucky’s public, private and independent colleges and universities an opportunity to recruit academically promising or proficient students in a non-competitive setting early in their junior or senior year.

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