VSA Kentucky, in partnership with the Kentucky Department of Education, is offering funding awards of $1250 for up to 30 schools throughout Kentucky in inclusionary, hands-on arts projects through the Arts Inclusion Program.

This arts in education program is VSAKY’s largest offering in every Congressional District in Kentucky and consists of artist residencies (using artists from the adjudicated VSA Kentucky Teaching Artist Roster) scheduled to take place in the winter/spring of 2014.

The Arts Inclusion Program will give schools the opportunity to provide thematic, adaptive, experiential projects (in dance, theatre arts, music, storytelling or visual arts) that ensure successful learning for K-12 students of all abilities. VSA Kentucky Teacher Roster Artists will interface the project with curriculum, KCAS, address Arts and Humanities Program Reviews. VSA Kentucky Teaching Artists also will provide a completed Universal Design for Learning (UDL) document based on an application once it is approved.

Application postmark deadline is Oct. 10, 2013. To access the Arts Inclusion Program Guidelines and Application, click here.

For more information, contact Mary Claire O’Neal at (502) 564-4970 or programs@vsartsky.org.