Appropriately planned transitional interventions will help more students reach college readiness benchmarks, increasing CCR rates. EPAS-related interventions are required by law.

Regulation outlines requirements for transitional courses/ interventions for addressing all students’ needs in meeting statewide college readiness benchmarks.

KDE has made high school transitional course curriculum frameworks available, free of charge, to schools/districts to utilize for mathematics, reading and English interventions. These course curriculum frameworks were developed as immediate resources for schools to provide transitional interventions to seniors who did not meet statewide benchmarks on the ACT. The curriculum is modularized so that schools can provide full courses for students who are further from benchmark, and targeted intervention services for those students that need more “just-in-time” options.

There are additional resources on the KDE website to help address transitional needs for students. These resources include: EXPLORE-level transitional course curriculum documents, teacher training videos for reading and English transitional curriculum and administrative training guidance for transitional interventions. From the KDE homepage search Targeted Interventions.