The 2013-14 National History Day year has kicked off and guides teachers in engaging students with history by allowing them to choose topics about technology; art, scientific, military, political and religious history; and almost anything else that sparks curiosity – provided it works with the current theme of “Rights and Responsibilities in History.”

Not only does it encourage deeper engagement with a topic for your students because they get to research something that really interests them, but participation in the program also encourages the development of 21st century skills. Students learn how to:

  • critically investigate a topic
  • communicate their findings effectively
  • collaborate with fellow students, teachers and professionals
  • creatively present their findings to a variety of audiences
  • conduct original research using primary and secondary sources

Additionally, they become better prepared for the rigors of higher education and professional careers as they develop:

  • a sense of obligation and commitment to others
  • a will to take the initiative
  • a thought process that includes unconventional answers
  • a logical creative thought assessment
  • a skill set that is required to bring creative ideas to their fullest potential
  • a talent to build and maintain good relationships with individuals of  diverse personalities
  • a confidence to remain firm and clear without being aggressive

Participation in National History Day in Kentucky is open to all grade 4-12 students in public, private and home schools. For more information regarding National History Day in Kentucky visit this website, or go to To arrange a school visit by the NHD coordinator where you and your students can learn more about NHD and how to use it in your classroom, contact Cheryl Caskey at (502) 564-1792, ext. 4461.