The deadline is approaching to apply for Kentucky’s 2014 Minority Superintendent Internship Program (MSIP).

The Kentucky Department of Education’s Division of Next-Generation Professionals Diversification and Equity Branch will be accepting MSIP applications until 4:30 p.m. ET on Thursday, January 30. The deadline has been extended for submitting the three recommendation forms (superintendent; immediate supervisor and colleague) and the three letters of reference (one of which must be submitted by the candidate’s superintendent); they are now due by 4:30 p.m. ET on Friday, January 24.  The MSIP application portfolio packet is available online.

The MSIP is designed to identify and train a pool of highly qualified and highly effective minority educational leaders poised to transition into superintendent positions in Kentucky’s public school districts. The program provides well-qualified, minority candidates with opportunities for leadership development and training as they are supported and mentored by Kentucky’s successful superintendents and education leaders. Candidates for the Minority Superintendent Internship Program must: • currently be employed as an administrator (a school- or district-level leadership position) in one of the 173 Kentucky school districts • have a minimum of four years of experience as a school district administrator (must have five years of experience or more by the beginning of year two of the program) • possess either a current professional certificate for Instructional Leadership – School Superintendent or a previously issued, valid Kentucky Certificate for School Superintendent (This requirement  must be completed by the beginning of year two of the program.)

Successful MSIP candidates will begin the program July 1. The Minority Superintendent Internship Program is a two-year program with emphasis on development of strong partnerships with superintendents and other individuals in formal educational leadership roles. The first year, interns remain in their current administrative positions within their home districts and receive mentoring and training from district supervisors. The second year, interns will be granted a one-year leave of absence from their current administrative positions and will be placed in identified mentoring school districts where they will serve as assistants to highly effective superintendents. 2014 minority superintendent internships will conclude in June 2016. The goal is to have each intern apply and be selected as a new superintendent in a Kentucky school district. If this opportunity does not present itself at that time, the MSIP intern will return to his/her district, in his or her previous position or a similar position. The MSIP addresses the underrepresentation of ethnic minority group members, as defined in KRS160.345, as public school superintendents.