The “Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky” is the first in a series of intriguing topics that teachers can address in their classrooms through KY MEdia Bank, a new online “public scrapbook.” The Kentucky Historical Society (KHS) created the website as both an innovative teaching tool for K-12 students and as a place where the public can capture, share and archive stories about the people and events that made an impact on Kentucky’s communities and ultimately helped shape the state.

KY MEdia Bank promises to be another valuable tool for helping students and others learn about and understand the 1964 March on Frankfort, by directly engaging with their own families, friends and communities.

KY MEdia Bank presents the topic, then a class will provide the narrative by uploading images, audio recordings, video recordings or short stories that offer insight, knowledge, awareness of – and perhaps even a new perspective on – the subject. This method allows stories and artifacts that might never see the light of day to be safely and openly shared, while the person whose story is being told need not worry about losing a family photo or heirloom or the rights to what they have shared.

The KY MEdia Bank site provides tips just for educators, making it easy for students to collaborate and share their stories. The online format also allows your class to take what they have created beyond their classroom walls by inviting others – whether in your school, at home, in the community or anywhere in the world – to visit the site and read classroom contributions.

To get an idea for what your class might do, go to http://www.kymediabank.comand see what others have already posted.

For more information, contact Sarah Milligan at or call (502) 564-1792, ext. 4434.