Students who are actively engaged in their classrooms have greater learning gains than students who “opt-out” or do not participate at all. Student engagement is an ongoing challenge for teachers.

Engaging Students Using Participation Techniques, presented by the Partnership Institute for Math and Science Education Reform (PIMSER) will be held June 19-20 in Lexington. In this two-day session, K-12 teachers and administrators will learn strategies that increase student engagement and promote critical thinking skills — both of which are essential to student’s conceptual understanding of content.

This training will show you how to think about planning for student engagement. Engaging Students Using Participation Techniques directly addresses Domain 2, The Classroom Environment and Domain 3, Instruction (Components B & C) in the PGES Framework for Teaching. Administrators will get the resources necessary to better lead and support your teachers who need to advance under Domain 2 and 3 in PGES. EILA credit will be available for attendees. Cost is $200 for the 2-day session. Complete details and registration here: Registration deadline is June 6.