If your school will need a Spanish or ESL teacher next year, or if you are looking to internationalize your faculty, the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) can assist you in finding a teacher through our Visiting Teacher from Spain Program.

Since 2000, KDE has worked with the Spanish Ministry of Education to help local school districts fill vacant P-12 Spanish and ESL teacher positions, as well as needs for other content areas.

Through this program school districts have the option to hire certified Spanish, ESL or others on EPSB-approved limited certificate contracts, renewable for up to three years.

These teachers are experienced, certified, native-speaking language educators eager for a teaching experience in the United States. Local school districts hire the Visiting Teachers in accordance with all other local policies in terms of salary scale, certification, and local system requirements.  KDE handles initial interviewing in Madrid, secures J1 Visas, and provides the teachers with a one-week orientation/pre-service training and follow-up visits.  Schools must accept to mentor the teachers and help them adjust socially to their new environment.

If your school district would like a qualified Spanish or ESL teacher through the Visiting Teachers Program, or if you need more information, please contact Philip Shepherd, 502-564-2106, ext. 4125 or via e-mail at philip.shepherd@education.ky.gov.