Teachers from across the Commonwealth are partnering with The Fund for Transforming Education in Kentucky (The Fund) to inspire and celebrate talented and dedicated educators at their upcoming Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers (ECET2 KY) convenings.

The idea of ECET2 was borne out of a desire of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to provide a forum for exceptional teachers to learn from each other and celebrate the teaching profession. The national convenings have had two primary goals: 1.To inspire and celebrate teachers 2.To help teachers become more effective leaders inside and outside their schools, specifically around the kinds of instructional shifts needed to achieve the Common Core State Standards. These events are designed, led, and facilitated by teachers for teachers.

In Kentucky, five regional events, along with one statewide event, are planned to provide educators with opportunities to build each other’s leadership skills while learning from one another. Teachers will have the opportunity to gain resources, feel energized about the profession, be a part of a network and support system beyond the conference, and leave with a sense of inspiration and appreciation for the work they do.

Teachers who would like to learn more about these events or find out how to get connected with other educators, please visit The Fund’s website at www.thefundky.org.