Why do koalas have fingerprints that are indistinguishable from those of humans? How is the fungus gnat the weirdest animal when it comes to sperm? How is it that bacteria can stampede like buffalo or build cities like termites? What type of movement in prokaryotes is like a snot-powered rocket?

These are some of the recent questions writer-educator Mark Lasbury addresses on a free online resource developed to increase learner engagement and educator content knowledge. “As Many Exceptions As Rules” tells the stories of organisms that break biological rules or norms in order to survive and thrive. Through these stories, the core concepts of the science are reinforced.

The resource can be accessed at: http://biologicalexceptions.blogspot.com

Posted weekly, each story includes pertinent vocabulary with etymology, interesting questions to spark discussion, links to the reports from the latest research on the subject being discussed, and a list of online resources for more information and classroom activities.

Upcoming stories will discuss the differences and similarities between Frankenstein and synthetic organisms, as well as whether or not you can actually be scared to death. The blog will also talk about how some small protists can give the impression the ocean is on fire and how living slime can have hundreds of nuclei.