The GeoSphere, a unique learning environment in which students enter a 20-foot inflatable globe, sit on Antarctica, and are given an unparalleled view of our planet, is coming to Western Kentucky University from Nov. 17-20.

Students go inside the GeoSphere one class at a time (25-30 people) for programs, which are 15 to 20 minutes long. GeoSphere shows natural vegetation regions, mountains, water bodies, latitude & longitude lines, plate tectonic boundaries, and city symbols.

Some sample topics:

  • Land and Sea (Grades pre-K-1): Is there more land or water on earth?
  • The Blue Planet (Grades K-8): How are Earth’s waters interconnected?
  • Polar Opposites (Grades 1-2) Discover Earth’s life zones and the climates associated with their pattern.
  • World Weather Report (Grades 2-12) Why do climate regions form patterns on Earth?
  • Planetary Worries (Grades 4-12) Why is our climate changing rapidly?

Contact Kay Gandy ( to reserve time in the GeoSphere.