Kentucky teachers, like those in most other American classrooms, face the challenge of closing achievement gaps. As difficult as this can be, there are strategies that have been shown to work in all types of classrooms and among all types of students.

Through CIITS and Edivation, Kentucky educators have access to a professional learning video that can equip them with some of the strategies to help close  achievement gaps among students of different races, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.

While closing the gap isn’t as simple as watching a video, teachers who view this video will learn to:

  • Engage students who have trouble staying focused
  • Understand the learning style of each student
  • Create student choice in how to complete a task
  • Turn the question of solving achievement gap challenges over to students
  • Help students successfully engage in curriculum at their unique level of understanding

Accessing this video is simple:

  1. Go to CIITS (
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Scroll down to the School Improvement Network section and click the Edivation logo. This should automatically log you into Edivation. (Note: If nothing happens when you click the logo, check your browser’s pop-up blocker and disable it for the CIITS website. This will get you into Edivation.)
  4. Once you’re logged in to CIITS, come back to this article and click the link “Closing the Achievement Gap in the Classroom” to watch the video.

For assistance, please call the Kentucky Support Hotline at (855) 597-4638.