“Mission 4: City of Immigrants,” part of the Mission U.S. collection of free educational games with comprehensive support materials about three different periods in American history produced by WNET-TV in New York, is now live.

In “Mission 4: City of Immigrants,” students assume the role of Lena Brodsky, a 14-year-old Jewish immigrant from Minsk, Russia. Lena arrives in the United States in 1907, joins her brother and his wife in their tenement apartment on the Lower East Side of New York and finds work in the garment industry.

Eventually, she goes to work at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory, where working conditions are dismal and some of the young women begin organizing. When a general strike occurs, Lena must decide whether or not to join the picket lines with her fellow workers. The strike represents one of the many turning points that shape Lena’s life and reveal, in turn, how the story of America was shaped by immigrants.

Click here to check out the game, and look at the Mission 4 Educator’s Guide to access great material, such as the primary source documents library found under the “resources” tab. The guide is still incomplete, but the game is fully functional.