Schools can be a part of the Governor’s Derby Celebration by contributing a painted canvas to be used as a table covering during festivities May 2 on the grounds of the Old State Capitol in Frankfort.

Tables will be decorated as horse, with a head and a tail affixed to each table. The painted canvases will be used as a horse blankets and draped across the tables. The tabletop dimensions are 28 inches wide by 72 inches long. The canvas will be sized and cut to drape over the sides of the table like a runner.

The Kentucky Arts Council will provide canvases to schools that want to participate. Schools must use their own supplies to complete the paintings and will be responsible for mailing canvases back to the Kentucky Arts Council. Paint must be outdoor latex and able to withstand inclement weather.

There are no theme requirements, but painted canvases will be used as part of the Derby celebrations. The Kentucky Arts Council will select which canvases to display and will acknowledge the school, class or students that contributed the finished product during the festivities. All canvases become the property of the Kentucky Arts Council.

Completed canvases must be submitted to the Kentucky Arts Council by April 24 for consideration. Email Jean St. John or call her at (888) 833-2787 to request a canvas for your school.