Southern Films, the after-school filmmaking club at Southern Middle School (Fayette County), invites schools to participate in its project, “Kentucky Kids Can Do Anything,” by submitting photographs for a mosaic containing 1,000 pictures that will be made available to schools across Kentucky.

Duane Keaton, a teacher at Southern Middle, is overseeing the project designed to encourage students and show them that all students have value to our world. The pictures, each of which will show a person or group holding a sign reading, “Kentucky Kids Can Do Anything,” will be assembled into a mosaic spelling out, “We Believe in You.” The project will include a documentary showing that Kentucky kids are doing and have done amazing things. The club is looking for storytellers – students or adults – to describe some of those things.

Click here to upload your photo to the club’s Facebook page, or email Keaton if you would like to contribute to the documentary.