The Federal Reserve of St. Louis has free resources available for teachers to help them with lessons on economics and personal finance.

Econ Lowdown

The Econ Lowdown portal includes hundreds of ready-made economic and personal finance lessons for no cost in a variety of different formats, including online modules, for every grade level. Teachers can customize their syllabuses or pick from pre-made ones; they can create online classrooms; and they can easily assign and often automatically grade student work.

Canvas by Instructure

Econ Lowdown resources now integrate with Canvas by Instructure, so teachers can find more than 500 free teaching resources and assign them through the Canvas platform teachers are familiar with.

Google Classroom

Resources have been converted to Google Docs and Google Slides for easy virtual use with students.

Other Content

The St. Louis Fed’s education website offers resources outside of the teacher portal, including active-learning lessons for the classroom and lessons to accompany popular children’s books. Many are offered in PowerPoint or are compatible with SMART, Promethean and Whiteboard. You’ll also find videos, podcasts, a glossary and timely articles.