The Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics (KCTM) is seeking nominations for the positions of treasurer, elementary vice-president and college vice-president.

Teachers elected to these positions will serve for two years beginning in January 2012, and they will be invited to the fall 2011 meeting in November to become oriented with their new positions. Persons holding these positions also will have seats on the KCTM Board, which meets up to six times per year. A major duty of the board is to plan future conferences, discuss organizational visibility and explore implementation of additional professional development channels. Additional duties for the vice-presidents include writing articles for the KCTM online newsletter. Those interested can find recent newsletters, KCTM officer job descriptions, KCTM bylaws and other KCTM information at

Nominations can be made by e-mailing Seth Hunter. The deadline is Aug. 27. When submitting nominations, provide the nominee’s name, contact information for the nominee (preferably an e-mail address), school or institutional affiliation and the position for which the nominee is being nominated.