The  Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, through its Kentucky Collaborative for Families and Schools, has selected 58 Kentucky schools to participate in a peer learning group to increase family engagement as a primary strategy to improve student outcomes in learning.

“Kentucky schools must once again start feeling like a community hub – where students, parents, educators, and caregivers are all engaged in supporting student learning,” said Prichard Committee President and CEO Brigitte Blom. “The Family Friendly Schools Learning Network will build the capacity of school leadership to understand and implement more effective family engagement best practices.”

Jay Brewer, superintendent of Dayton Independent Schools, expressed excitement that all three schools in his district will be participating in the network.

“To grow students we have to know students, and no one knows our students better than their families,” he said.

Administrators from the schools will participate in this experience from through May 2023. Schools have a menu of training and services to choose from and will participate in surveys each spring for continuous improvement. The learning experience is a combination of group learning sessions, small group coaching sessions and increased awareness and access to resources and services that increase family engagement.

In addition to the Prichard Committee’s work, these schools are also supported by staff from Berea Partners for Education, Daviess County Schools, the Kentucky Department of Education, Learning Grove and the National Center for Families Learning.

“We are already hearing success stories from the participating schools,” said Brook Gill, director of family engagement for the Prichard Committee. “They are finding creative ways to build trusting relationships with families in meaningful ways. Schools are already connecting with one another and building support teams around the work.”

For more information or to connect with one of these schools, email Brooke Gill or visit the Prichard Committee’s website.