The Center for Parent Leadership is offering a range of workshops to Kentucky school leaders. The group also can customize trainings to meet specific needs in districts. Among the topics offered:

  • Parents and Teachers Talking Together – helps to clarify student achievement priorities and develop an action plan while developing new lines of communication between educators and parents.
  • The Missing Piece: Engaging Parents to Complete the Proficiency Puzzle – examines strengths and needs of parent involvement efforts in schools.
  • Authentic Parent Engagement: A Training of Trainers – is a one-day workshop to help build solid school-home relationships based on research about factors that lead parents to become more involved in schools.
  • Parent on Line One – shows secretaries and other school personnel how to break down tension and build up rapport when parents call or visit the school.
  • Parent Leadership 101 – is a two-day program to help parents understand data and standards, how to work with other parents to impact student achievement and improve the school climate.

For more information on any of the training offerings or how the Center for Parent Leadership can work with local schools, contact Molly Toney at (859) 233-9849, ext. 226.