The U.S. Department of Education is inviting teachers to participate in a summer seminar series on education policy and leveraging U-Stream technology to engage teachers nationwide. The summer teachers’ series was organized by Laurie Calvert, a teaching ambassador fellow and English teacher at a rural high school in North Carolina.

The seminars are intended to offer insights into how teachers can participate in the national and state dialogues on education. Teachers can participate online.

The seminars are designed to share information about education policy that will help teachers to be engaged and participate in policy discussions at the federal, state and district level. There will be opportunities for questions and discussion both in person and online.

The seminar topics are:

Fixing What’s Broken in No Child Left Behind, Aug. 11.

  • The Elementary and Secondary Education Act and No Child Left Behind – same or different?
  • What problems are teachers, schools, and states having with NCLB?
  • In their Blueprint for Reform, what do President Obama and Secretary Arne Duncan propose to do to fix what is not working in NCLB?
  • What does the Blueprint propose with regard to testing?
  • What is the federal School Improvement Grant program for low-performing schools and how might it affect my school or state?

Leading Their Profession: Teachers and Education Policy, Aug. 25.

  • What are ED’s proposals for strengthening teaching and supporting teachers?
  • What does the Blueprint say about teacher evaluations?
  • What can teachers do to get involved in educational issues both at the national level and in their state or district?
  • What are the Teacher Incentive Fund and Title II?
  • To register to attend or to view the seminars online through U-Stream, click here.