ParentCamp, a national organization that holds “unconferences” for parents and educators, will host its first event in Kentucky, ParentCampNKY, on June 24 at Boone County High School in Florence.

The free event is designed to unite schools, families and other community members. It will feature a series of discussions that include the experiences and perspectives of everyone in the room using the “unconference” style. Sessions are discussions rather than prepared presentations.

Sessions at ParentCampNKY will include discussions on:

  • mental health and identifying signs of depression;
  • education lingo;
  • transitioning from one level of school to the next;
  • growing up in a digital world; and
  • finding resources in your community.

Watch this video made by students at Camp Ernst Middle School (Boone County) to learn more about what a ParentCamp is, or visit the ParentCampNKY website to register.