The Build Math Minds Virtual Summit is a free online professional learning event from July 31-Aug. 2 for pre-K through 5th-grade teachers. Christina Tondevold is the founder of this summit and has 27 of her favorite presenters host virtual learning sessions.

Each presentation will be made available for viewing at the scheduled time and will remain available to everyone with a free pass through Aug. 7. Some of the session titles and presenters include:

  • Dan Meyer:“Beyond Relevance and Real World: Stronger Strategies for Student Engagement”
  • Pamela Harris:“Building Powerful Numeracy”
  • Graham Fletcher:“Harnessing the Power of Modeling Tasks Through the Lense of the Fraction Progression”
  • Robert Kaplinsky:“Digging Into Depth of Knowledge”
  • Zachary Champagne:“Talk Less, Listen More”
  • Christina Tondevold:“3 Reasons Kids Still Count on Their Fingers and How to Help Them”
  • Debbie Diller:“Making Math Workstations Work”
  • Niki Newton:“Math Running Records in Action”

Visit the summit’s website for more information or to register.