The Kentucky Association for Environmental Education is seeking proposals for its annual conference Sept. 6-8 in Berea. Submissions should be reflective of at least one of these strands:

  • Connecting to Nature – for example, environmental education for beginners, strategies for engagement with the outdoors, modeling successful outdoor instruction
  • Skills and Professional Development for Organizations – for example, nonprofit capacity building, advocacy, successful boards, grant writing, environmental education for schools, governments and municipalities; networking, fundraising, politics and policy, technology and apps
  • Technology and Innovation in Environmental Education – for example, geology, forests, food systems, water, energy, ecology, manufacturing, GIS, GPS, technology and apps
  • Problem Solving & Partnerships – for example, formal and nonformal partnership programs, uniting communities through environmental education, inspiring action, creating programs that blend various agencies through mission statements and vision.

Visit KAEE’s website for more information on the conference or to submit a proposal.