“PBS NewsHour” is seeking politically-minded students who love talking politics and will be eligible to vote in the 2016 presidential election, but are undecided about whom they would choose to be the next president. This is part of a collaboration between “PBS NewsHour” and Facebook to identify undecided voters in preparation for the “PBS NewsHour” Democratic Primary Debate on Feb. 11.

Teachers who have a student in mind who remains undecided about the 2016 election and would be interested and comfortable sharing his opinions on the candidates and issues over social media during the debate can join a private Facebook group hosted by “PBS NewsHour” to learn more and register. Teacher voices are important as well, and teachers who are undecided voters may also register.

Click here to request to join the Facebook group and share the link with interested students. “PBS NewsHour” will vet potential participants in the coming weeks.