Kentucky Educational Television (KET) and PBS are offering several online and on-air resources about the Aug. 21 solar eclipse, which can be seen as a total eclipse in 25 Kentucky counties and as a partial eclipse in the balance of the state.

Here are the resources offered:

  • A folder on the PBS LearningMedia website has resources to help plan instruction and events. The folder features digital media, ideas for hands-on projects, lesson plans and more.
  • “News Quiz,” KET’s weekly current events show for students, has created a short segment to introduce the eclipse. “News Quiz” will have additional coverage on the eclipse when its new season begins Sept. 7.
  • After experiencing the eclipse, educators and students can tune into a special edition of “Nova,” “Eclipse Over America,” which will premiere at 9 p.m. ET Aug. 21. The program will share the observations of scientists and citizens during the eclipse. It will shed light on eclipse science, explaining how the precious few minutes of darkness can help scientists better understand how our sun works, how it produces deadly solar storms and why its atmosphere is so hot. KET’s coverage of the event from Hopkinsville will be featured in the “Nova” special. In addition, KET will provide footage of the eclipse as observed near Churchill Downs in Louisville.