The Kentucky Department of Education’s Office of Career and Technical Education has released a “Middle School Career Studies Webinar Series” to support implementation of the Kentucky Academic Standards for Career Studies and development of students’ Individual Learning Plans (ILP). These are now available on the KDE Media Portal.

Webinar 1, “Design Principles for Middle School Career Exploration,” addresses the principles and programmatic elements for designing an effective career studies program. Webinar 2, “Planning and Implementing Middle School Career Studies,” provides tools and resources to assist school leaders in considering structures and strategies that ensure all students have access to career exploration experiences. 

Webinars 3 and 4 provide tools and resources to support teachers as they guide students to explore knowledge, tasks and skills related to a wide variety of career options.  Webinar 3, “Career Clusters: A Framework to Guide Middle School Career Exploration,” provides an overview of career clusters and their use as a tool to broaden students’ vision of future occupations. Webinar 4, “Integrating Career Studies in the Middle School Classroom,” supports teachers to integrate career studies by making connections to their content area.

For more information, email Teresa Rogers.