The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) has created the Elementary School Career Resources  webpage to assist schools in implementation of the Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) for Career Studies and Financial Literacy.

The KAS for Career Studies and Financial Literacy were approved on May 5, 2020, and are organized by three domains: essential skills, careers and financial literacy.

The new webpage targets career exploration in grades K-5. A variety of resources are provided to support schools, teachers and parents as they guide students to gain awareness of and explore the 16 Career Clusters.

Elementary career studies emphasize career awareness and exploration – not career choice. Career exploration at the elementary school level should allow children to become more self-aware of their skills, abilities and interests and how those traits relate to future career goals. The goal of elementary career studies is to provide:

  • Equal access to career exploration;
  • Opportunities to explore interests, abilities, values and goals; and to
  • Develop the mindset that learning is lifelong for any career they pursue.

For more information about these standards or resources, email Teresa Rogers or call her at (502) 892-6615, ext. 4524.