Nine Kentucky students have each won $1,500 college savings accounts with the Kentucky Education Savings Plan Trust (KESPT) through the KESPT Dream Out Loud Challenge. The challenge invited students in grades K-6 to submit an original poem, drawing, video or essay answering the question, “How will I change the world after college?” Each winner’s school also will also receive $500.

The statewide winners are:

  • Rhianna Mathews, a 1st grader at Chandlers Elementary (Logan County), for a video.
  • Luke Wiggins, a 1st grader at Bourbon Central Elementary (Bourbon County), for a drawing
  • Sophie Fremin, a 1st grader at Kathryn Winn Primary (Carroll County), for an essay
  • Kylie Hall, a 2nd grader at Phelps Elementary (Pike County), for a video
  • Hunter Dockery, a 3rd grader at Ben Johnson Elementary (Breckinridge County), for a drawing
  • Campbell Johnson, a 2nd grader at Athens-Chilesburg Elementary (Fayette County), for a poem
  • Sophie Mitchell, a 4th grader at Heartland Elementary (Hardin County), for a video
  • Jennifer Silva, a 5th grader at Hartstern Elementary (Jefferson County), for a drawing
  • Mackenzie Bentley, a 6th grader at Phelps Elementary, for an essay

More than 1,400 entries were submitted from across the state. The contest inspired students to imagine how a college education would help them make the world better and also motivated parents to think about how to save for a college education to support their children’s dreams. Contest entries included children who wanted to be doctors, veterinarians, teachers, pilots and fashion designers.

For more information on KESPT and the Plan Disclosure Booklet, visit or call toll-free (877) 598-7878.