Kathy Fryman, a custodian for Augusta Independent schools, is the winner of the 2017 Fred Award from the Kentucky Association of School Administrators (KASA).

Inspired by Fred Shea, the subject of Mark Sanborn’s bestseller, “The Fred Factor,” the award honors critical non-administrative staff members who often aren’t recognized. It recognizes an individual who exudes a Fred-like spirit of service, innovation and commitment to others, positively influencing and impacting the lives of those in the school community. Fryman was recognized last month at KASA’s Annual Leadership Institute.

Fryman is referred to as the matriarch of the Augusta Independent family. She is often called therapist, nurse and friend in addition to her official job title of custodian. When teachers, staff members or students mention something they like or need to Fryman, that item often appears on a teacher’s desk or in a student’s backpack.

“If Augusta School employees are asked who helped them become successful they often respond Ms. Kathy Fryman,” Augusta Independent Superintendent Lisa McCane said. “She has a unique way of making others feel nurtured, comforted and cared for like a mother or grandmother.”