130409GraysonBoyd022Gov. Steve Beshear appointed two new members – Trevor R. Bonnstetter of Mayfield and Grayson R. Boyd of Williamsport — to the Kentucky Board of Education in April. Bonnstetter will serve on the board through April 2016, and Boyd’s term runs through April 2014. Kentucky Teacher recently had the opportunity to pose questions to each of the new members. This week’s issue features responses from Grayson Boyd.

Grayson R. Boyd is a retired educator with 38 years of experience in the Paintsville Independent and Johnson County school systems. He has been a classroom teacher, assistant principal, principal, instructional supervisor, and director of pupil personnel. Grayson received his bachelor’s degree from Morehead State University, master’s degree from the University of Virginia, and Rank I certification from Morehead State University. He has served on the board of directors of the Kentucky Association of School Administrators, Kentucky Association of Secondary School Principals, and Kentucky Association of Academic Competition. Grayson lives in Williamsport with his wife, Diana, and has three children and six grandchildren.

Why were you interested in serving on the Kentucky Board of Education?
I felt it would be a fantastic experience. I also thought it provided me with an excellent opportunity to utilize my years in education to help Kentucky students achieve.

What impact do you hope to have on the board?
I hope to offer teacher and principal perspective on issues that come before the board. 

Associate Commissioner David Couch and KBE member Grayson Boyd pictured during the KBE April 2013 meeting. Photo by Amy Wallot, April 10 , 2013

Associate Commissioner David Couch and KBE member Grayson Boyd pictured during the KBE April 2013 meeting.
Photo by Amy Wallot, April 10 , 2013

What long-term goals do you have as a member of the board?
I want to continue the momentum for school improvement and increased student achievement that is already underway in Kentucky. My ultimate goal is for Kentucky schools to rank among the top 10 states nationwide on a consistent basis.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?
I had several great teachers during my school years. There were three commonalities among them: they were fair; they were very knowledgeable; and they were interested in their students’ success.

How do you believe you can best serve teachers on the board?
I can best serve teachers by being an advocate for teachers and teaching. All good schools start with great teaching. Supporting our teachers is extremely important.

Other than more money, what do Kentucky schools need most?
We need to improve teacher and principal education. I also believe we need to implement fair evaluations for both teachers and principals.

What are the biggest obstacles facing Kentucky’s schools?
The biggest obstacle schools face is a lack of funding. Schools are doing an outstanding job of improving student achievement with available funding.  However, teacher salaries need to improve and more funding is needed for technology if we want our schools and students to keep up with a changing world.

What small change would have the greatest impact on Kentucky’s schools?
Lessening the time teachers spend on non-teaching duties, so they can have more time to plan.

What major change would you make to improve Kentucky schools?
I would reduce class sizes, and improve teacher education. 

What else do you want Kentucky’s past and current teachers to know about you?
I have always supported teachers. Kentucky is making great strides in education.  The backbone of student achievement is the classroom teacher.