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Sally Skinner (center) began her role as Williamstown Independent School District’s interim superintendent on July 1. Photo courtesy of Sally Skinner.

Before she took the position of interim superintendent, Sally Skinner had previously served as the superintendent of Williamstown Independent schools from 2009 to 2016.

She had since retired from the position, but in June 2022, her replacement, Misty Middleton, accepted a position with Bellevue Independent Schools. In Williamstown’s time of need, Skinner was asked to return and serve as interim superintendent.

“I am an old new face around here,” said Skinner.

According to Skinner, someone else will take the position at the end of November.

Skinner graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Speech and Hearing from Eastern Kentucky University and later earned a Master’s degree in Communications Disorders. She worked with Pendleton County schools for 22 years as a speech-language pathologist while also obtaining superintendent certification. Once certified, Skinner worked as the assistant superintendent of Williamstown Independent schools for 11 years before becoming the superintendent.

Though not originally from the area, Skinner is familiar with the Williamstown community. Her husband, Rick Skinner, is the mayor of Williamstown. Skinner appreciates the support she has received from the community. She said,

“Williamstown is small, and I feel like I have a lot of support from different parents, groups, and civic leaders.”

Skinner strives to always make her students’ welfare the top priority. “The kids come first,” said Skinner, “I am a child-oriented person.”

In addition to be child-oriented, Skinner seeks to be an approachable and receptive educator. She emphasized that the most important task of a superintendent is to be an exemplary instructional leader.

“The most impactful thing for students is to provide opportunities and be their instructional leader,” Skinner said, “Get the job done!”

One way that Skinner implemented instructional leadership in the past was through bringing electives back into the district. A few years ago, assessment was the major focus of school districts, and due to that, districts were focusing more on language arts, math, and science. In Williamstown Independent schools, band and music were the only electives available for students.

Skinner reintroduced electives such as archery, agriculture, business and aerospace. Through her influence, students had positive outlets for their energy and creativity. Skinner said,

“I even tried to get bass fishing as an extra-curricular, but I couldn’t get anybody interested.”

 Recently, a ten-year reunion for previous agricultural students occurred. College students as well as college graduates returned to visit and tell stories from their time taking the elective.

Skinner said that she has genuinely enjoyed her time with the district. As well as being superintendent, she is a mother to her four adult children and a grandmother to her three grandkids.