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Tonya Driver is Crittenden County School District’s new superintendent. She wants to create a strong sense of community within the school district. Photo submitted by Tonya Driver. 

Tonya Driver, a lifelong resident of Crittenden County, is now leading Crittenden County Schools as superintendent.

“Teaching was always something that I had thought about doing,” Driver recalled.

Driver graduated as Crittenden County High School’s salutatorian in 1988. She chose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in elementary education after graduation.

Driver found her passion for working with children thanks to passionate teachers who cared for her.

“I remember being at my 3rd grade teacher’s desk when they delivered her check one day. I remember asking, ‘You get paid for this?’ I guess I just thought that she spent her days with us because she loved us that much,” Driver said.

Driver completed her bachelor’s degree in elementary education, her master’s degree in elementary education and Rank 1 certification from Murray State University. She first began working as a teacher in Crittenden County Schools in 1992.

After completing her Rank 1, Driver decided to pursue work in administration.

“I have served as an assistant principal, principal, instructional supervisor, district assessment coordinator (DAC), federal programs coordinator and – for the last four years – as assistant superintendent under Vince Clark,” she said.

Driver said learning from other district leaders played a role in her decision to become superintendent.

“I want to continue the great work that has been done by the educators before me,” she said.

Driver’s goals include cultivating a strong sense of community with open communication channels within the district.

“I am accessible to our community. I invite people to share their concerns with me, and I plan to be very visible in the community,” said Driver. “The voice of the community matters to us.”

She aims to see growth in all areas through collaboration and teamwork, including through consideration of stakeholders’ perspectives.

“I want our community to view the schools as a valuable partner who works with all students to make them ready for the world after graduation, whether that be college, career or military. I want our community to know that we are going to work with students and encourage them to meet their potential as they progress through our school system,” Driver said.

Driver said she wants Crittenden County Schools to become a model for districts across the Commonwealth.

“I’ve enjoyed attending the Model Schools Conference in the past.  One goal I have is for our district to become one of those model schools,” she said.

In 2013, Driver was named District Assessment Coordinator of the Year. This year, Driver served as president of the Kentucky Association for Assessment Coordinators and as president of the West Kentucky Association of Educational Supervisors three years prior.

Driver said she enjoys reading, watching series on Hulu and Netflix, and spending time with her family and friends.

Driver’s son, Adam, is a middle school social studies teacher in Henderson County. Her daughter, Jaycie, is a junior at Western Kentucky University majoring in marketing and management with a focus in sales.