Picture of Mark wade standing in front of a classroom with a bunch of high school students holding signs that say we love Mr. Wade.

Mark Wade, at right, is taking the helm in Boyle County schools as the new superintendent. Wade, who just wrapped up his ninth year in Boyle County, said his time in the district will help in his transition in his new role.
Photo submitted by Mark Wade

Mark Wade is taking the helm in Boyle County schools as superintendent with excitement and confidence.

“A new adventure like this has a big learning curve, but the things I don’t know, they don’t scare me. I like learning and I am excited for this new adventure,” he said.

Wade started his new job on July 1, and plans to continue his passion for relationship-building. He has worked throughout his career to ensure a quality education and wellness for all students. His goal now is to improve their learning experience.

Wade attended the University of Kentucky and earned a degree in agricultural education, then a master’s degree in educational leadership and superintendent certification from Eastern Kentucky University. 

He started his career as an agriculture teacher in Bourbon County, where he spent two years.  Wade then moved on to Boyle County, where he first served as assistant principal at Boyle County High School, then principal. He just wrapped up his ninth year in Boyle County.

Wade’s goals for the upcoming school year were set up by previous Boyle County Superintendent Mike Lafavers, who he said, “set the bar very high.”

“We are a very high-performing school district, and my main goal is to continue the momentum and provide phenomenal opportunities to create outstanding education for kids,” Wade said.

His previous time in the district will help in his transition in his new role.

“I have already established a lot of relationships within the district, and knowing how the district operates will be extremely beneficial,” he said. “I look forward to learning how the elementary and middle schools operate and how I can support them.”

Wade said he wants to help mold a strong community among the staff and students in the district.

“I look forward to seeing how I can support them (the students),” he said. “I want to find out what individuals’ goals are and how I can adapt to help them.”

Wade’s wife also works for the district as the district technology integration specialist. They have three children who attend Boyle County schools.

“I have a lot of stakes in the game,” Wade said. “They’re all extremely involved in the district, and I want them to have a rewarding and exceptional experience as well.”