Adair County Superintendent Jason Faulkner stands and smiles with a student

New Adair County Superintendent Jason Faulkner has experience as a principal in Whitley and Laurel counties.
Submitted photo

New Adair County Superintendent Jason Faulkner plans to spend his first year observing and learning all he can about his new district.

“My goal in this first year is to try to be out and be visible in the district,” he said. “You cannot be an instructional leader from behind a desk,”

Faulkner holds a bachelor’s degree in history from University of the Cumberlands along with a master’s in elementary education and Rank I certification from Union College.

He began teaching at Whitley North Elementary School in 2004, but he said he always knew he wanted to be in administration. He was a principal in Whitley and Laurel counties before transitioning into Laurel County’s director of assessment and accountability.

Faulkner said he will take a student-centered approach in his mission to look at all aspects of the educational system in Adair County.

“We [administration] are here to provide students with the best holistic educational experience,” he said.

Faulkner said he wants all students to be ready for life after high school.

“My long-term passion is addressing the need to prepare students not only for college, but also for trades,” he said. “I want to identify students’ skills and foster those skills to where they can step offstage at graduation and into a job.”

Faulkner said he is dedicated to improving the district and “I want who I am to be evidenced by my actions.”

He started his new position on July 1.