Josh Hunt speaks to a classroom of students

New McCracken County Superintendent Josh Hunt has served Kentucky schools for 22 years.
Submitted photo

Josh Hunt is making a move to McCracken County after being named the district’s new superintendent.

The former assistant superintendent of operations for Christian County, Hunt began his new job on July 1. Though Christian and McCracken counties are close geographically, he believes it is important to move his family and become a part of the new district he will be leading.

“I believe that if I am going to be your superintendent, I need to be in the community and be a part of the school system and the school system should be good enough for my children to go to school,” he said.

Before he was assistant superintendent in Christian County, Hunt taught algebra at North Drive Middle School for four years and then at Christian County High School for four years. He said his time in the classroom heavily influences the way he will be approaching this new role.

“I never lose sight of my days as a classroom teacher,” Hunt said. “Teachers and aides  are in the trenches every day with the students.”

Over his 22 years of service to Kentucky schools, Hunt has served as assistant principal at Todd County Middle School, North Drive Middle School and Christian County High School. He was appointed assistant superintendent of operations in Christian County in 2020.

As he settles into his new role in McCracken County, he said he wants to find out what makes the schools successful and become a facilitator of more success for the district.

“Wisdom comes from experience, and right now I don’t have any experience in McCracken County, so I want to go and talk to people that do have experiences and learn from them,” he said.

By first observing and asking questions, Hunt hopes to build trust.

“I want to come in and learn first and foremost,” he said.

Hunt will be making the move with his wife, Miranda, and his two children. “I am very family-focused,” he said. “… These are the people that are important to me.

“I’m excited to be a part of the community of McCracken County schools.”