Tommy Allen talks to students

Tommy Allen (middle) earned a Change Award from the Campbellsville Independent school board for going above and beyond his work as a coach and custodian for the district. Submitted photo

Tommy Allen is a positive influence in the school district where he works and it has not gone unnoticed.

Allen, the custodial supervisor at Campbellsville High School (Campbellsville Independent), was recently recognized by the Campbellsville School Board with the Change Award. The award recognizes employees within the district who have made a positive impact.

Tyler Hardy, the principal of Campbellsville High School, recommended Allen for the award.

“We both graduated from Campbellsville High School. I’ve known him the majority of my life,” said Hardy. “As a custodian, I mean he does everything. He does a fantastic job and takes pride in how the building looks.”

An alumnus of Campbellsville High School class of 2004, Allen now coaches football and has been the custodian at the high school for the past seven years.

“It’s great, you know, you just don’t wake up every day wanting to be recognized for your work. You do what you do, but it feels good to be recognized,” said Allen.

The awards are based on six elements, which spell the word Eagles. The elements are the foundation of the Change Award and are strong attributes of the award recipient.

Hardy said Allen goes above his custodial duties when help is needed around the district and in the high school. In addition to his job duties, his contributions range from helping front office staff answer phone calls to participating and cheering on different sports teams within the district.

“He does everything and the beauty of it is that whenever you see the students or staff interacting with him, they never have the perspective that he is the guy who cleans our floors,” said Hardy. “He has made as much of an impact on me as the principal, as our veteran teachers that have been here for over 30 years.”

Allen just may be giving back to his school. He said this school district has made him into the person he is today, and he hopes to make an impact on the students and staff like the educators did when he attended the high school.

“Had it not been for some of the teachers in the school system showing me what is right from wrong, I probably wouldn’t be in this position,” he said. “That means a lot to me now because I try to lead these students and kids by example.”

Both his coaching and custodial roles give Allen a chance to interact with students daily. Hardy said making an impact on students and staff is something Allen takes great pride in.

“He does a fantastic job and takes a lot of pride in not only how the building looks but he cares about the staff and students,” said Hardy. “He cares about how the students and staff are being taken care of and how they are being served.”

Allen said it doesn’t matter what the students plan to do after graduation, he wants to show his support for all their dreams.

“Whether they go to college or they wind up at a factory, the most important thing is just showing them that there is so much more out there than they think, and show them what they can accomplish,” said Allen.