Graphic reading: Kevin C. Brown Strategic Priority Award. Nomination deadline Nov. 21, 2022

The Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) is accepting nominations for the 2022 Kevin C. Brown Strategic Priority Award.

The award is named for Kevin C. Brown, who served the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) in various roles from 2004 to 2018. Most recently, Brown served as the interim commissioner of education from December 2019 to September 2020.

Brown’s time at KDE throughout 2020 was marked with significant challenges that called for strategic educational leadership and clear ongoing communication that was action-oriented, forward-thinking and aimed at advancing efforts to educate, feed and support Kentucky’s 650,000 students during a global pandemic.

In 2021, KDE debuted United We Learn, the state’s vision for the future of public education in the Commonwealth. The vision builds around three big ideas: creating a more vibrant experience for every student, encouraging innovation in our schools and creating a new future for Kentucky’s schools through collaboration with communities.

The 2022 award seeks to recognize a person, group, organization, district, school or postsecondary institution who, through policy and practice, makes it a top priority to champion United We Learn.

Nominations will be accepted online through Nov. 21.