Steve Butcher

Steve Butcher

Pulaski County is working hard to prepare students for opportunities beyond their K-12 educational experience.

The Pulaski County school district ranks in the top 2 percent in state academic performance and is a District of Distinction. From the district’s career pathways to outstanding Advanced Placement and quality dual credit courses, students have opportunities to easily transition to the workforce through the KY FAME statewide apprentice program or to a two-year or four-year college or university. 

The district is recognized for its nationally-certified Project Lead the Way program for engineering and biomedical programs with vertically aligned science standards that empower students in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. Middle school computer science instructors are nationally certified, which allows students to earn a portion of their high school computer science credit in the 8th grade. Pulaski County also is the largest school district in Kentucky with nationally-certified Project Lead the Way elementary instructors at all eight elementary schools.

In collaboration with the Project Lead the Way engineering program, the Pulaski County Area Technology Center’s Industrial Maintenance initiative creates a seamless pathway to advanced certification at Somerset Community College and the new Cumberlands Chapter of the KY FAME initiative. Students, through KY FAME, have the opportunity to pursue an advanced manufacturing career while receiving the education needed to build their resumes and make them highly marketable to manufacturers across the state.

Pulaski County also has the only Certified Natural Gas Pipeline program with a pathway from the Pulaski County Area Technology Center through advanced-level certification at the Somerset Community College. For several years, the surrounding community’s local manufacturers have had jobs available paying $60,000 to $70,000 a year with no trained applicants to fill those positions. The district is now hopeful to get graduates employed closer to home by providing highly-skilled workers to fill these well paying jobs.

Pulaski County is equipping students for success in the global economy, ensuring they will lead the way for an improved quality of life.