Marty Feltner

Marty Feltner

The mission of Nicholas County is shaped by the local board of education and community, which has charged the district to develop students “that will be responsible, lifelong learners.”
To that end, Nicholas County has been recognized as a K-PREP Proficient district within the state.

Highly effective and caring teachers in every classroom have been supported by a network of experienced school and district administrators who efficiently use fiscal resources to best meet the needs of students. Continuous improvement is a hallmark of the district through academic initiatives and personal growth.

To meet the needs of students and gain the designation of a Proficient district, several purposeful programs have been implemented. First, the district realizes that school readiness translates into future success. Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, Nicholas County will participate in the United Way’s Born Learning Academy to help achieve kindergarten student readiness. The district also continues to have success with its blended Head Start/preschool program offering a safe, advanced learning environment for students.

At the secondary level, the district continues to ensure that students are truly lifelong learners. Nicholas County makes the most of available resources to enable students to pursue Advanced Placement and college-level courses as well as a variety of career and technical education opportunities.

The district also building a new elementary school. Set to open in August 2017, the new Nicholas County Elementary School will replace the existing building by the same name and will offer students opportunities of a modern facility while featuring cost savings through energy conservation.

Nicholas County is proud of its past as it looks forward to the future successes of students. That is why a large banner hangs at the entrance of our grounds that reads “PROFICIENCY is Nicholas County Schools”.