Picture of Commissioner of Education Jason Glass

Commissioner Jason E. Glass

All of us at the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) are committed to the core values of equity, achievement, collaboration and integrity. These are the values that drive our work day after day. We believe that all students deserve the education they need to be able to pursue their own vision of a successful future, wherever that takes them in life.

To get to that end goal, we need classroom instruction that aligns to and supports the learning expectations provided in the Kentucky Academic Standards. The standards serve as the framework of what each student should know and be able to do in each grade level, kindergarten through grade 12. These are the minimum expectations, so local districts can add to the standards to meet the needs of their students and community.

If you aren’t familiar with what Kentucky’s students are being asked to learn, Standards Family Guides have been developed to help families familiarize themselves with the content in each grade level. Each guide contains a standards overview for reading and writing, mathematics, science and social studies.

A key part of standards-aligned instruction is the use of high-quality instructional resources to support student learning. Local schools and districts determine the curriculum – which addresses how learning experiences are designed – and they also select what resources are used in the classroom, including print, nonprint or electronic media.

What are High-Quality Instructional Resources?
KDE defines high-quality instructional resources as materials that are:

  • Aligned with the Kentucky Academic Standards;
  • Research-based and/or externally validated;
  • Comprehensive, which includes engaging texts (books, multimedia, etc.), problems and assessments;
  • Culturally relevant and free from bias; and
  • Accessible for all students.

High-quality instructional resources are critical for student success. Students deserve access to standards-aligned instructional resources and grade-level assignments to help them reach the goals outlined in the Kentucky Academic Standards. They deserve resources that are engaging, accessible and include the cultural diversity and perspectives of their communities.

Teachers also deserve to have access to high-quality instructional resources so they can better meet the needs of their students. These resources increase teachers’ knowledge of their content, provide guidance to help them create strong instruction and help support the implementation of appropriate grade-level assignments. Access to comprehensive, high-quality instructional resources help teachers adapt lessons to meet the diverse needs of students and to focus their time, energy and creativity on bringing lessons to life and engaging students with the content.

To learn more, visit the High-Quality Instructional Resources webpage on KYstandards.org, or email KDE Division Director Micki Ray.