Administration Branch Manager, Office of Finance and Operations; Scott Craig. "My favorite thing about my job is that I create an environment for educators to work and strive for excellance." #TeamKDESpotlightScott Craig started as Administration Branch Manager in the Kentucky Department of Education’s Office of Finance and Operations in 1996.

His job, which is part of the Division of Resource Management, requires him to manage the resources KDE team members need to do their work, such as providing office space and vehicles, preserving documents in the archives, and managing document printing.

Prior to joining KDE, Craig worked for an electronic parts distributor and United Parcel Service. These jobs introduced him to management and storage of physical resources.

When his mother died of cancer, Craig moved from Lexington to Frankfort to be closer to his family and said he was “fortunate enough to have someone offer him a job” at KDE soon after his move.

“I had no idea about K-12 and its whole operation, so it has always been exciting because it was always something new,” he said.

A graduate of Franklin County High School and Kentucky State University, Craig said his favorite part of being at KDE is working with educators.

“The thing about my job is that I create an environment for educators to work and strive,” he said.

After years of working at KDE, he realizes the value of a resource manager’s job.

“I’m still an intricate part of the machine of education,” he said. “I can proudly say that I am a part of it.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020, Craig became interested in genealogy and his family history. After learning the maternal side of his family originated in Sierra Leone, he traveled to Africa to be immersed in his discovery.

Craig lives in Frankfort with his wife, Danielle, and has two adult sons, Devin and Delano.