Picture of Caryn Davidson, data communications consultant, Office of Teaching and Learning. "I really love being a bridge between education research and practice."

When Caryn Davidson’s husband got a job in Kentucky in 2014, she transitioned from teaching elementary school in the Washington, D.C., area to working with the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System at the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE). Almost 10 years later, she now works as the data and communications consultant in KDE’s Office of Teaching and Learning.

On the communications side of her job, Davidson helps her office publish and promote their programmatic guidance and professional learning resources by maintaining their presence on the KDE website, KYstandards.org and KyMTSS.org, as well as organizing messages that go out to schools and districts.

“My colleagues in the Office of Teaching and Learning are the most passionate and dedicated education professionals I have ever worked with,” she said. “I know they truly care about student success and supporting educators the best they can and it’s an honor to support and promote their work.”

On the data side, Davidson manages state course codes and serves as her office representative to the agency Data Governance Committee and School Report Card Committee, where she prepares data related to advanced coursework and exams and the school profile report. With a doctorate in education evaluation and measurement research from Western Michigan University, Davidson also helps her office coordinate with external partners that are evaluating the impact of programs like the Kentucky Reading Academies: LETRS professional learning opportunity.

“I really love being a bridge between education research and practice,” said Davidson. “I’m able to help ensure our research partners have the information they need to implement the most rigorous designs possible to give our office valid and reliable feedback on the impact of our initiatives.”

When Davidson is not working to support Kentucky’s students and educators, she enjoys being active with her husband and their two children.