Kentucky Teacher of the Year

The Imperfect Classroom: Be a Top Dog

While the vast majority of teachers are able to balance the countless duties they face day in and day out, occasionally, you come across a teacher who makes it look effortless. One such person is 2nd grade teacher Markayla Stevens at Pikeville Elementary (Pikeville Independent).

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The Imperfect Classroom: Find a Way

Julia Bishop is a 5th-grade reading teacher at Owsley Elementary. She has only been in her current role for the last three years; prior to this, she was a special education teacher in a neighboring school district - a rival I’m told - and a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University.

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The Imperfect Classroom: Be Human

Seneca High School (Jefferson County) is a lot like the high school I went to growing up: it's extremely diverse, offers incredible college and vocational opportunities to its students, and is full of hope and perseverance that many from the outside just do not see.

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The Imperfect Classroom: Teach with Sparkle

Among the most significant qualities of a truly memorable teacher is their ability to build and maintain relationships with students and colleagues. Becky Watkins, a social studies teacher from Gallatin County High School, does that better than most.

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The Imperfect Classroom: Balancing Consistency and Compassion

Every successful team needs that one person who they can always count on; the person that, no matter how bumpy the road may get, they will see it through; the person who will keep calm through chaos. At Ballyshannon Middle School in Boone County, that person is Maegan Tepe.

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