Thursday, July 19, 2018
Joshua DeWar

Remembering why we love to teach

2016 Kentucky Elementary School Teacher of the Year Joshua DeWar says current teachers need to share their passion for their profession to help young people see teaching as a viable and valuable career.

Kentucky Teacher of the Year remains a student at heart

Ashley Lamb-Sinclair didn’t realize it at first, but she discovered she was “one of those people who was just born to teach.”

All teachers can be leaders

Sarah Reed, Kentucky's 2015 Teacher of the Year, says teachers' voices matter -- both in the classroom and in shaping public policy.

Differentiating to meet students’ needs

By Sarah Reed Each year students enter my classroom with different levels of knowledge and individual learning styles. Not all students learn instructional content in...

Podcasts offer wealth of inspiration for teachers

By Joshua Underwood Being a teacher is often as much about being an entertainer as it is being a conveyor of knowledge. We have to...

The power is in the classroom: Welcome!

By Sarah Reed When I learned that I was named Kentucky Teacher of the Year, there were only two words to describe how I felt:...
Kentucky Middle School Teacher of the Year Faye Smith of Campbell County Middle School, Kentucky Teacher of the Year Sarah Reed of Field Elementary School (Jefferson County) and Kentucky High School Teacher of the Year Joshua Underwood of Mason County High School were presented with their awards at the Capitol. Photo by Amy Wallot, Oct. 23, 2014

Ky. Teacher of the Year makes school an adventure

Sarah Reed, the 2015 Kentucky Teacher of the Year, and the state's top middle and high school teachers share an attribute: They want to help others.

9 semifinalists named for Ky. Teacher of the Year

Nine outstanding teachers from across the state – three elementary, three middle and three high school teachers – are semifinalists for the 2015 Kentucky...

Teacher of the Year experience inspiring

What an amazing experience it has been to represent teachers throughout the commonwealth as the 2014 Kentucky Teacher of the Year. I really did...

Summer theater project has Kentucky Teacher of the Year believing

Teachers often jokingly say that their favorite things about teaching are June, July, and August. Of course this is not true because every teacher...