Dear Reader,

Beginning today, Kentucky Teacher, the Kentucky Department of Education’s (KDE’s) flagship publication since 1992, is now an online publication.

The online incarnation of Kentucky Teacher promises to be more vibrant, layered and useful to you – the public school teachers of Kentucky. Providing Kentucky Teacher in this electronic format will enable more interactive, two-way communications between KDE and educators.

The website,, will continue to offer feature articles that provide descriptive narratives about successful classroom practice, information about resources, recognition of outstanding efforts and more.

News items will be posted regularly along with more frequent updates to the Bulletin Board and Leadership Letter items currently included in every printed issue. In addition to the features you’re accustomed to seeing in the print edition, the Web publication of Kentucky Teacher will offer readers interactivity with leadership, photo slideshows, digital archives, RSS feeds, the opportunity to comment on features stories and photos and more.

Kentucky Teacher’s online edition is more robust, which means you will get news that matters to your day-to-day work in the classroom in a timelier manner. Readers will be able to sign up on any page at to receive notifications in their e-mail inboxes when the website is updated with new content.

We need you, as readers and partners, to continue to support Kentucky Teacher by visiting This partnership has been essential to the success of Kentucky Teacher and will be to its future.

Thanks to all who read Kentucky Teacher; we’re confident the new online version will continue to provide invaluable perspective to help you grow and thrive in your classroom and your school.

Please let the Kentucky Teacher staff know what you think about the new format by writing to

Stephanie Siria